LED Grow Glasses Method Seven



– Operation environment: LED emitted light
– Optics: Carl Zeiss lenses
– UV protection: 100%
– Lenses material: Nylon
– Frame material: Polycarbonate

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Product Description

Don’t grow blind. Grow rooms have lots of light, but it’s not broad spectrum. Great for plants, but not your eyes. The rods and cones in your eyes need broad spectrum light to focus, see shapes, notice movement and see colour. Method Seven Optics filter the harsh lighting bringing balanced colour to your eyes. It’s like working in full daylight, naturally. You can see foliage properly, spot pests and deficiencies early and easily. Your brain relaxes. No headaches, no strain, and no long-term damage. With Method Seven you can work with accuracy, comfort and safety.

Key features
– Suitable for commercial grow LED lights;
– Tested with all main LED grow light brands currently available on the market;
– Carl Zeiss distortion free polycarbonate frame and nylon lenses;
– Comfort, clarity and accurate plant evaluation;
– Perfect colour balancing in indoor lighting environment;
– 100% UV protection.

Package contents
– 1x LED Grow Glasses Cultivator Method Seven


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