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– Australian Certified Organic
– Complete Plant-Based Protein
– Hemp Protein Powder
– Vegan

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Product Description

A raw organic wholefood containing 51% protein; twice as much as you get from meat and three times as much as you get from Chia seeds. Hemp is the only plant to create a special kind of protein called Edestin. It is easy to digest and absorb and even has antioxidant properties. It is also a ‘complete’ protein containing all the essential Amino Acids. Each serve contains less than half a gram of sugar, zero sodium and over 2,500mg of Essential Fatty Acids. It’s great for athletes wanting to build lean, clean muscle.

Key features
– Contains all essential amino acids
– Organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free
– NOT the “hemp fibre flour”
– NO chemicals or solvents used in manufacturing
– The protein and fiber help to slow digestion
– Helps to prevent spikes in blood sugar
– Helps the body to sustain energy

Package contents
– Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powder 500g / 1kg / 2kg / 4kg

Usage (Only for countries where hemp food is allowed for consumption)
Hemp protein has a mild flavor that easily blends with many foods. Hemp protein can be mixed in with smoothies and shakes, or sprinkled on yogurt, cereal or fruit. Try mixing it into your salad dressing, soup stock, burgers, or nut butters. The protein can be used in any baked food, and can replace some of the flour that is used.

In Australia we sell hemp products for cosmetic and animal use only.

Typical Analysis (per 100g)

– Energy 1654kj
– Protein 51g
– Total fat 11g
– Saturated fat 1g
– Omega6 GLA 0.34g
– Omega6 LA 6.51g
– Omega3 ALA 2.01g
– Omega9 OA 1.1g
– Total carbohydrate 23.5g
– Sugars 3.5g
– Sodium 0mg
– Fiber 21.5g
– Cholesterol 0g
– Potassium 1229mg
– Vitamin E 560ug
– Vitamin B1 990ug
– Vitamin B6 910ug
– Folate 280ug
– Calcium 165mg
– Iron 16.8mg
– Zinc 9.6mg
– Magnesium 775mg

– Histidine 14.51
– Serine 26.43
– Arginine 67.50
– Glycine 23.84
– Aspartic Acid 54.63
– Glutamin Acid 95.82
– Threonine 18.41
– Alanine 22.67
– Proline 20.77
– Lysine 21.24
– Tyrosine 15.34
– Methionine 9.322
– Valine 27.14
– Isoleucine 21.83
– Leucine 35.28
– Phenylalanine 28.84

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