Dominator 2x Lush Lighting LED Grow Light


– Max coverage over: 1.2×1.2 m
– Intense coverage over: 0.9×0.9 m
– Optimal coverage over: 1.2×0.9 m
– LED qty: 200
– LED angle: 90˚ 2x
– Spectrum: UV to IR
– Power draw: 435 W / 1.8 A
– Fixture size (LxWxH): 0.89×0.22×0.09 m
– Fixture weight: 8.9 kg
– Warranty: 3 years

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Product Description

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Dominator 2x produces the most beneficial spectrum for plants. Tailored off what plants use from sunlight, your plants will begin to grow healthier and faster in 24 hours. Electrical consumption does not determine a grow light’s power. The energy level and intensity of photons is what determines its power. Dominator 2x will fuel your plants with the same highly energetic photons that come from the sun! [Here] you can find more information about amazing [LUSH Lighting] LED lights.

Key features
– Use for all stages of plan growth
– Complete full spectrum proven to fuel photosynthesis better than all other grow lights on the market
– Powerful 435W LED grow light to replace top of the line 1000W HID grow light
– Low heat emissions eliminate the need for excessive cooling and ventilation cost
– Low radiant and ambient temperatures reduce dehumidification costs
– Slender design allows for more growing area
– Internal cooling system keeps units below 38˚C
– Significantly reduces risk of fire
– Built to last tempered steel construction
– Lifetime expectancy up to 50.000 hours
– Easy Plug&Play installation
– Mounting hardware included
– 90 Days money back guarantee
– 3 Years manufacturer’s warranty

Application notes
– Designed specifically to fuel the entire photosynthesis process
– Soil, Aero and Hydroponic gardens
– Horizontal and Vertical gardens
– Grow tents and large green houses
– Operating open-air ambient temperature range for rated life is 18˚C to 32˚C
– Humidity range for rated life is between 10% and 60%
– Dry locations only
– Keep 50 cm above plants at all times
– Requires a 12.5 cm minimum clearance on all sides

Package contents
– 1x Dominator 2x
– 1x Mounting hardware
– 1x Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


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Additional Information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 105 x 30 x 15 cm