Why Lush Lighting LED?

What’s in the light?


Light is a phenomenon in physics because it exists as two things: as a wavelength and as a particle.

The most common ways to measure the light are:
Lumens – total amount of visible light emitted by a source;
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) – radiation of light in 400 to 700 nm spectrum range;
Kelvin – dominate colour temperature of visible light in degrees;
Electron Volts – light can be expressed in photons, which are measured in electron volts. Plant’s light absorbing pigments are designed to accept specific voltages from light (not wavelength, intensity, density or temperature) to perform their particular function. That is why Lush Lighting build their products based on each individual product created.

It can be difficult to compare HID, fluorescent and LED when these technologies list their products in different ways of measuring light. The reason is because each measurement method fits the technology’s strength. HIDs for example produce high amount of light in visible spectrum, hence they are listed in Lumens. Fluorescent fixtures in their turn lack intensity so listing quantity of photons is embarrassing compared to their competition, that’s why they list their dominate colour temperatures. LEDs are targeting chlorophyll production that absorbs blue and red photons so they list their products in PAR.

You will find that Lush Lighting LEDs maintain the lumens from HID lighting at canopy level while doubling the PAR light. More light does not always give you a larger yield. It has to be the right type of light. Lush Lighting has proved that size of your crop is based more on the quality of light rather than quantity.

How do plants use light?


Photosynthesis is the process organisms use to convert light energy to chemical energy, storing it in bonds of sugar and using it to synthesise food directly from carbon dioxide and water.

6·CO2 + 6·H2O ->energy, enzymes-> C6H12O6 + 6·O2

6 carbon dioxide + 6 water -> energy, enzymes -> glucose + 6 dioxygen

Plants will consume six molecules of carbon dioxide, six molecules of water and light energy to form six glucose molecules and six dioxygen molecules. Both glucose and dioxygen molecules are used for plant’s metabolism. Increasing photosynthesis results in increasing the energy for your plants to create complex molecules and cellular reproduction.

Providing the correct levels of energy for photosynthesis is the determining factor on how well your plants will grow. Lush Lighting LEDs are able to fuel photosynthesis naturally so plants can be grown indoors just as good as they would outdoors.

How is Lush Lighting LEDs’ light similar to that of the Sun?


Light contains energy and each colour has a different voltage. Pigments sense this voltage and that’s how each individual pigment receives its energy. The combined voltage of light from any Lush Lighting LED fixture is so high that it’s said to be the most powerful grow light ever created.

Photosynthesis is the process of converting solar energy to chemical energy and foundation for all life on this planet. After years of research Lush Lighting have discovered the correct blend of photons plants use from the Sun. By scientifically engineering light fuelling photosynthesis Lush Lighting has discovered how to re-create the photons that plants utilise in nature. Lush Lighting LEDs produce the highest voltage photons a plant can absorb for energy just like the Sun! Lush Lighting LEDs grow plants faster and healthier because they allow the plant to grow in its natural state. By providing the correct ratio of colours that plants use from the Sun, these LEDs increase efficiency of your plant using light. Lush Lighting has advanced interior garden lighting so far that their only competitor left is the Sun.

How are Lush Lighting LEDs different from other lights?



Unlike many other lights Lush Lighting LEDs are cold-running lights that do not produce excessive heat. This is a plug-and-grow solution not needing additional equipment such as ballast or cool tube.

Efficiency of LED lights is unrelated to its wattage. By using Lush Lighting LEDs you’ll increase energy coming out of your light by decreasing your energy consumption.

Properly fuelling your plants with light will allow your plants to grow faster, stronger and healthier. This will shorten growth cycles to increase the number of harvests per year. Produce larger crops due to plants being stronger making them able to transfer more nutrients, water and electric current. Your plants will also have thicker cell walls to increase their immunity to pests and disease.

How will Lush Lighting LEDs save me money?

The efficiency of an LED and the way it makes light is so unrelated to its wattage that you actually have to think of it entirely differently. Electrical consumption does not determine the power of a grow light. Light itself contains energy, what you want is more powerful photons fuelling your plant’s photosynthesis!

Here’s how your power bills will go down in a year of 12hrs/day light running.



Which light is the right one for me?

Evaluate your growing volume, measure length, width and height. Compare lights’ coverage area with growing area. Taking into account expected height of plants and growing height available choose between single or double lens series. Single lens series lights produce footprint faster and can be used in limited height grow spaces such as grow tents. Consider whether you need a light for seedlings, vegetative stage or all growth stages. Lumenator, Dominator and Dominator XL can be used for all grow stages, Herbal Vador and Vegetator are perfect for vegetative stage and are ideal for seedlings and motherplants. Get acquainted with basic technical characteristics of the lights and choose a light based on your estimation.

What are Lush Lighting LEDs’ references?

Go social and check out #lushlighting on facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Customers’ outcomes are the best reference!

How does 90 day money back guarantee work?

For your peace of mind, Lush Lighting’s 90 day guarantee is intended to provide you, the customer, with a three month trial period to use the products. This time should be used to run a complete cycle from start to finish. We are confident that you will witness how plants can be healthier, stronger and bigger when the correct spectra are energising your crop. SOLOS GROW SHOP guarantees Lush Lighting, Inc.’s products will lower your electric bill and at the same time increase the quality of your crop. If you are unsatisfied with your Lush Lighting LED light fixture within 90 days, return it for a refund. Conditions apply, please get acquainted with 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

What is the Warranty for the lights?

All lights come with a 3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

Can I buy a light on credit?

Yes, you can. We currently accept payments with credit cards via PayPal. All you need is get a credit card and a light is yours.